Then and Now

Formly a meat packing plant, then a cookie factory, Popps Packing is now an experimental art venue and studio that host seasonal indoor/outdoor installations, exhibitions, and performances.
--photo by Marvin Shaouni

Monday, May 16, 2011

Popps Packing Presents: 6/6/6 and Resistance is Futile

Opening Reception May 28, 2011, 7-11 PM

In the Gallery:

6/6/6: Six Artist, Six Cities, Six Connections

With the proliferation of social networking and technology-based
communication, making real connections becomes more important
than ever. Each artist in this exhibition has selected one other artist who
lives and works in a different community, forming a network of local art
communities and creating personal and global connections among
artists. Appropriately for a show about drawing connections, the show takes the
drawn line as its subject and features artists from all over the country.

Artists include: Jeff Badger, Portland, ME; Carl Baratta, Chicago, IL;
Amanda Curreri, San Francisco, CA; Joanne Lef rak, Santa Fe, NM;
Kathy Leisen, Detroit, MI; and Dan Schank, Philadelphia, PA

In the Garden:

Resistance is Futile:
Art that embodies perseverance in the face of adversity

Artists: OmniCorp Detroit,
Apetechnology, Steven Kuypers and Jeff Karolski

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mashed Potatoes Expo

In March 2011 Popps Packing and The Lot were proud to present Mashed Potatoes: An expo. Displayed expo style in the the Popps Packing gallery, this free event highlighted more than 30 inovative, grass roots, cultural organizations happening now in Detroit.

There were name tags, mashed potatoes, homemade sausage, locally roasted coffee, a raffle and much more. Hundreds of people came out to learn about the amazing things happening in their backyards and to meet each othere face to face.

Thanks to everyone who participated and contributed to the event!

Special thanks to Motor City Brewing Works and Slows BBQ for donating spirits and sustenance and to Steve Cherry of Hamtramck Radio for providing the amazing jams all night.


Name Tag Station

Cass Rag AM 1610 The Station

Yes Farm Young Nation

Bohemian in Exile

Corridor Sausage

Zymology Guild

AM 1610 The Station, Hamtramck Radio

Mashed Potatoes by Miss Jane Sassy Pants

Tesla Coil (Omni Corp. Detroit)

"Hold it! there is a raffle going on right now and I need your attention"