Then and Now

Formly a meat packing plant, then a cookie factory, Popps Packing is now an experimental art venue and studio that host seasonal indoor/outdoor installations, exhibitions, and performances.
--photo by Marvin Shaouni

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Closing Party -Andy Krieger NEW WORK! (and some old)

Closing Reception October 15ths 7PM-12PM
with special Performance by Outrageous Cherry, who will be performing their classic record 'Out There In The Dark' with Deb and Chad back on drums and bass as well as Baffled Again. this is a one night Event!

Spinning the jams will be
Bionic Sasquatch

"I am a Michigan based artist, working in the Detroit area. My work is influenced by a love of the movies and with each painting or construction, I am essentially making a short film while using only static images. I will often pull images out of a 2 dimensional surface then carve them or cut them out of wood then paint or draw them and try to reconfigure them back in to the work, thus making a 3 dimensional painting that tries to also work as sculpture, but I most definitely think of my work as a painting first.

I am trying to capture in most pieces a particular moment. A moment of joy, of sorrow, of loneliness, panic, triumph or isolation, to name a few."
- Andy Krieger

Gallery is open saturday October 2nd, 9th, and 16th from 1-6PM