Then and Now

Formly a meat packing plant, then a cookie factory, Popps Packing is now an experimental art venue and studio that host seasonal indoor/outdoor installations, exhibitions, and performances.
--photo by Marvin Shaouni

Saturday, September 24, 2011

PInewood Derby Auction and Race

Light Henge lights the pinewood derby track.

 Grilled Cheese and Rum Cake Station preparing for the hungry racers

Who need toys and video games, when you have a giant hole!
 Light henge in it's glory. Let the races begin!

Space Band

Popps  Packing Dirt Dancers

Pinewood Derby Time!   Kooky cars!  Racing!  Fun!  Grilled cheese!  Live Music!  Trophies!   Auction!

 A few of the participating artists like: Dave Krieger, Dave Roberts,  PD Rearick, Amy Abbot, Davin Brainard, Mary Fortuna, James Viste, Topher Crowder, Nicola Kuperus, Adam Miller, Bill Cieslega, Sean Hages, and many many more.