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Formly a meat packing plant, then a cookie factory, Popps Packing is now an experimental art venue and studio that host seasonal indoor/outdoor installations, exhibitions, and performances.
--photo by Marvin Shaouni

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

NWT Summer Residency

Artist Michael Bizon and Christian Tedeschi arrived to Detroit from LA in early June for their month long expedition of the Northwest Territories( 2 satellite spaces across the street from Popps).  It's hard to put into words the work they accomplished, but lets just say they "kicked Ass!" Cleaning,reorganizing, pealing away sufaces.... ultimately transforming the crazy cluttered storefront and attached house into  a thoughtful intricate web of interventions and installations.
 It was a pleasure having them here.

Inside the Store Front


third floor

 The Residency House

Michael and Christian cast a concrete fence using materials found in the storefront spaces, a sort of time capsule.

                           de buitendouche by dutch Joe  (Erik Jutten)

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